Child’s Play


If you are looking for gifts for the little ones, we have a unique selection of toys, woolen hats and beanies for both girls and boys. You can also find some quirky accessories to decorate the nursery, your child’s bedroom or play-room including the amazing stripy cat rug, beautiful art work and delightful cushions and beanbags.

For babies: Claire’s fabric soft ball is available in a range of gentle pastel colours or take a look at the Piglet or LitIMAG0256tle Birdie rattle made by Anke Morgenroth that are so cute and unique. … Anke is also the creator of Basil, Bluebell, Snowdrop and Poppy – who are cuddled together in the shop waiting to find a new home. These little velvet bears are just so cute and lovable! Their fluffy cousins, Jamie, Susan, Liam and Valerico are there keeping an eye on them while Molly, Finn and Mae are smiling away without a care in the world! You can also adopt one of the funny sausage dogs. They even come with their own birth certificate!

IMAG0280To keep warm as it is still quite chilly out there this February we have soft, merino booties for baby, little pixie wooly hats and beanies in a range of beautiful colours as well as the fabulous teddy bear hats for younger boys and girls and flower hats and beanies for the bigger kids.

When you need to send congratulations or best wishes to parents or grand-parents, we have a number of  georgous baby cards to choose from.





All our items are handmade with love in Ireland!





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