Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, Aunties, Nieces …

Friday 8th March is International Women’s Day and the following Sunday is Mother’s Day so let’s celebrate women’s uniqueness. A handmade gift is simply a lovely thing to get and receiving it knowing the care and attention it took to make it just adds to the loveliness of the thought!

So let’s see the ways women can be and how Handmade Design Studio has the right gift for each quality. When you need to give a woman something …


  • Colourful: Joan Greene’s purses are a must-have.DSC_0688
  • Sparkly: How about a piece of stylish jewellery?
  • Fabulous: Bernice Rafferty’s fascinators are just amazing.
  • Quirky: How about one of Angela Cuthill’s brooches?arty smarty badge
  • Warm: A merino and silk scarf by Inne Inge.
  • Soft: Why not get a lavender soap?
  • Gentle: A rose scented candle by Bog Standard.IMAG0305-1
  • Delicate: A textile artwork by Maggie Dolan.
  • Cute: A card you could display in a frame.
  • Beautiful:  Why not a silk cushion in soft and earthy tones?




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