Amour Toujours

Valentine’s day is a day for love, of course, and most importantly it is about expressing that through a carefully chosen gift for your loved one. It is the little things and moments that make Valentine’s day special and you can enjoy any number of these with a thoughtful gift. Let’s see, these could be …



The smell of freshly brewed coffee ready to be poured into your favorite mug. It could be the Irish Cob mug by Claire Molloy.

A walk along the beach (well maybe not in Mullingar!) or in the forest or across the beautiful midlands bogs all wrapped up in warm clothes. Nikki Collier‘s Swirl hat would be ideal.

Cosying up together for a chat, a laugh or a cuddle by the fire at home with some mellow music playing in the background.

Putting on a sparkly pair of earrings or wearing a stunning pendant before going out on the town. One of Forgotten China pendants are truly vintage.

Preparing some tasty food for a dinner en tête-á-tête. You will need one of Caulfield Country boards.


By tniki1 H greyhe magical colours displayed by mother Nature : bright yellows and oranges, deep wine reds and vivid greens. Some of the colours of the yarns used by Studio Donegal to weave their cosy woolen blankets are reminiscent of these autumnal tones.

Scary as it sounds, we are reaching the end of October pretty soon : if you are dressing up for Halloween and want your costume to be that bit more glamorous, Blaithin Ennis’ Jewellery will set the tone together with Niki Collier’s new felt collection entitled ’H for Hope’, and inspired by the character Trinity from The Matrix.

Now that the clocks have gone back an hour, we need to adjust a little as night falls that bit earlier. To brighten up the dark evenings, candles are a must ! The delicate porcelain tealights by Roisin Gregory will set the mood.