Hello Spring

Spring is definitely in the air! It feels great to have the long and bright evenings and to see bursts of colour everywhere you look. Spring is a time for renewal and growth. It is also a great time to get inspired for some home colour therapy, renew and revive interior décors. Neutral and warm earthy tones such as beige, cream and browns are back on trend. They represent our sense of connection, be that with the earth, with each other or ourselves. The many neutral colours are the perfect background for any addition of richer and vibrant colours such as rose, green or yellow in say painted furniture, soft furnishing, art work or ceramics.

You can equally apply this palette to what you will wear this springtime: Bold block of electric colours motivate us for the warmer months ahead. So you can invite sunshine yellow, crisp blue or shocking pink into your wardrobe. If that seems too bold, you can always soften that vibrancy with a choice of softer pastel tones for a calming effect. Another approach suitable in Spring is to wear a sharp white top with a striking piece of jewellery.

For Spring and Summer, we have added some beautiful linen clothing to our range of handmade goods: Linen is the perfect fabric choice for the warmer months as it is breathable and comfortable to wear.  It is also a truly sustainable fibre since it is the strongest and most durable, meaning that you can enjoy your linen shirt or trousers for a long time. Independent fashion brands are creating small quantity garments that are produced in an eco-friendly way: it’s about slow living and sustainability and a world away from fast fashion.  

Spring Forward

With winter finally behind us we can now enjoy the extra hour of light in the Spring evenings. April is around the corner and we will get to see even more colourful flowers popping out around us. Inspiring woodlands and beautiful skies this time of year are wonderful sources of energy and peace. Nature is always amazing especially at this time of the year when at first it slowly comes back to life and then bursts out bright and loud!

In the words of Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky:  ”Colour is a power which directly influences the soul”. So if you are thinking of adding colour into your life and your home to lift your spirit, you can wear a bright and bold piece of jewellery or add a colourful cushion to a sofa or an  armchair for an immediate impact!