Let’s hear the music

This week has seen the return of the Fleadh Cheoil na h√Čireann to Mullingar for the first time since 1963. An annual event host to hundreds of thousands of visitors from near and far, people have rocked in from across the island and from across the world. You can listen to music in official venues throughout the town as well as impromptu concerts in the streets from the very young to the ‘young at heart’!

Mullingar has never looked so well or been so lively and thanks to some lovely weather most of the week, there has been ample opportunity to soak up the sun as well as the tunes. If you want to show your true colours and your love for music, why not wear a music brass pin designed and made right outside Mullingar by Miriam Wade, a truly talented goldsmith. Available from Handmade Design Studio.

Groovy jewellery


I recently had a throwback to my student days when I received some new jewellery made from vinyl records by Dana Creations. As I was admiring the quirky earrings and necklaces, I began to wish I still had my vinyl collection and could immerse myself in the soundscapes of Pink Floyd or Horslips. I felt nostalgia for the times I’d have to turn the disk over to side B once the scratchy crackly sound of the record player meant side A was finished.