All the handcrafted pieces are made and designed with attention to detail and care. They are carefully selected for their uniqueness and style.  A ‘one of a kind’ piece makes a perfect gift  for friends and family. Knowing that it is made in Ireland  adds a very special value to it.

You can choose from a selection of beautiful hats by Linda Wilson, beautifully crafted wooden serving and chopping boards by Caulfield Country Boards, eye-catching double purses by JoanyG Creations, fine silk scarves by Louise Loughman. Vintage-inspired jewellery by My Grandmother’s Closet, contemporary botanical pendants by Kaiko Studio and couture pieces by Blaithin Ennis, all truly unique and so elegant.

Colourful and contemporary ceramic pieces from KaroArt, Maple Pottery, Vivienne O’Malley and Thomas Wollen are an ideal gift for anniversaries, birthdays or weddings. Natural and gentle soaps by Baressential and hand-poured soy wax candles by  Candella all of which use essential oils will delight your senses with their subtle scents.

Exquisite art pieces by Leona Guidera can be viewed in the studio together with limited edition prints by Corina Fitzgibbons and Anna-Marie Leavy  and much more.

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