Tying the knot

fascinatorAs a French person, I have always been struck and impressed by the sense of occasion and style among Irish people when it comes to weddings. I love the fact that guests really go all out in terms of style. You will often see fabulous and colourful outfits, elegant tuxedos, amazing hats and shoes and other accessories among the women. In Ireland, the ceremony is traditionally held in churches and the guests are then invited to dine and party in a hotel. In France, the wedding or civil partnership is celebrated mainly in the local town hall and guests then dine in a restaurant, at the groom or bride’s family home or in the community hall for a feast, depending on the number of guests. It is not to say that French weddings are not celebrated in style but you have to hand it to the Irish for their sense of colour, drama and fun!

My friend and photographer, David Maury, captures the essence of Irish weddings and civil unions particwedding davidularly well when it comes to the sense of dressing up and the excitement of this very special day.

Fashion accessories ideas for the day: Fabulous fascinators by Bernice Rafferty, vintage jewellery by My Grandmother’s Closet, luxurious merino and silk wrap by Inga Inne or stylish double purse by Joan Greene.

Gifts ideas for the groom and bride: Unique paintings by Anne-Marie Kearns, intricate textile art by Maggie Dolan, fine mirrors by Eddie Murray or exquisite ceramics by Louise Browne.