Hidden Heartlands

Mullingar may not be the first town to spring to mind as a tourist destination in Ireland but ‘stayationers’ this summer have been blown away by the many treasures they discovered. The hinterland of Mullingar is rich with unspoiled woodlands and newly opened up bogs. County Westmeath boasts gorgeous, picturesque waterways in a peaceful countryside together with historical gems: the likes of the Hill of Uisneach, St Patrick’s Chair and Belvedere House and Gardens, all within easy reach of the town.  

You can walk or cycle along the Royal Canal, go fishing in Lough Ennell, dipping at the diving boards at Lough Owel or simply take it nice and easy at Irishtown House, a beautiful, elegant guesthouse located by the lake. 

If you are looking for a unique souvenir of your time spent in the heart of the island, Sharlene Kemple’s ceramic art pieces featuring lovely Lough Owel, which have been designed in collaboration with Handmade Design Studio, will remind you of your time in the Lake County.

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