The Art of Giving

When it comes to give a gift to a special person for a special occasion, it is important to think carefully about the person the gift is intended for. It is really not so easy particularly when there is so much choice! It is worth thinking about their likes and what would make smile or laugh. We give someone a gift to show gratitude, consideration, appreciation and  love or we may simply want to show our own kindness in a symbolic way through the present. The gesture of the gift can come in so many forms: Sometimes giving someone time is the most precious gift of all.

At Handmade Design Studio, we are into giving time and taking time to think about gifts, what to choose, how to wrap and present it. We specialise in gifts that are hand-crafted, have a story and make connections that are real, sourced in Ireland and made with the attention and care you would want for a gift for someone special in your life.

Have a lovely and thoughtful Christmas

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