Spring is in the air!

In spite of some recent wintry weather there are some signs of Spring out there and nature is slowly waking up from its hibernating months. Daffodils and crocuses are in bloom and their bright and strong  colourful petals are a great source of inspiration for my coming up painting and textile projects.


Springtime is when we usually get a burst of energy to give a new lease of life to our home by doing a therapeutic spring cleaning throughout the house. Why not refresh/freshen up a piece of furniture or walls by giving them a lick of Annie Sloan chalk paint? This paint is so easy to work with that painting won’t feel like a chore but will be great fun! With no need for priming or sanding to remove old paint or varnish, using chalk paint is a totally satisfying experience if not positively addictive! By the time you finish painting your furniture or your walls, you will be thinking: hmm, what could I paint now?


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